Saturday, April 30, 2011

Homecoming: forever ago

OK so i know this is extreamly late but for some odd reason blogger decided that now i can post pictures. Even though i have been doing the same exact thing every time nad it has never worked before. oh well no complaining! Anyways these are some pictures Laci took and edited and this is also my lovely date. Yes he is bald. No he does not have cancer. But we rocked that dance floor! Thank you Laci!
And my date!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

No pictures: no posts

I have come to the conclusion that all computers hate me, because no matter what computer i use, none will let me post pictures... This is why i never post anything. It's ridiculous!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Ok! So i know i have'nt been on a whole lot lately, so i thought i would make up for it with some pictures this time...yay! So heres a couple pictures of me and my date for homecoming, and my awsome sister took them so thank her :) And homecoming was a blast, I think i almost danced me feet off, and I had lot's of people comin up to me telling me that they never knew i could dance...quite like that anyways haha. Alright so I'll let you take a gander! (and yes my date looks like a cancer patient, it's not my fault he won't grow his hair out)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baking with love :)

So today I decided to surprise mom by baking a pie while she was with my sister in town. And of coarse,we didn't have half the ingredients needed. So I had to make due with what I had. To begin with I made my own pie crust! I looked up online "easy pie crust recipes" And found a relatively easy recipe and began my magic! This was so exiting! I just had to blog's to my first apple pie! Hope it finishes nicely. Wish I could send you guys some. loves. p.s. sorry i can't take any pictures right now guys.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Feeling Of Goodiness

So its finally come. The break that all of us young scholars anticipate. The end of the semester! Now i can Finally rest. Knowing that i have gotten half of this year over with...and also knowing i have another half to go. Luckily i am an optimistic person, and look at the glass half full. In this case i look at school as half over. Good way of thinking. Makes me feel all warm in fuzzy inside. You know kind of like when your watching your cat play with a ball of string, or your child wobble down the hall....that feeling of accomplishment or just that feeling....that feeling of goodiness. Ahhh. there it is. The goodiness feeling. The kind where u can wake up that day and say "hey, today is going to be a good day, because i feel good, and no matter what anyone says or what happens, today will be a good day, because I'm in control". I love having confidence. And many days i wish i could have woken up with that encouragement. And this is the feeling i got as soon as the semester ended. But i find that no matter how much more time i get away from school, there is always still work and responsibility's to attend to. But i will say that these responsibility's are Christmas related. Well... some. I'm still managing to maintain a social level as well as fun and work. Like I said. Responsibility's call. Sometimes in a more... non working way. And as usual, always seem to be there. Well i hope everybody has a wonderful and joyous celebration of Christ's Birth and get that warm fuzzy feeling of, what was it...ahh that's right, Goodiness.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Ultimate Alaskan Christmas

So school is comeing to its end of the semester (finally) And i have been working my tail off to get any extra credit and assignments doen before Finals. Which im not completly enthusiastic about. But to make things brighter... we put up our tree today. It's not decorated yet, but im shore that we will hit that up tomorrow. It was hand chosen by the head of our family. (Sir Big M.) Now it seems that every year when it comes time to put up our tree, it always seems to tilt, just ever so slightly. So slightly that we end up tieing it to the wall with fishing wire. TFinding the tree this year consisted of Big M and little M trugeing out into the wilderness and finding the ultimate Christmas Tree for the ultimate family. Which they then proceeded to bring home by snomacheine (NOT to be confused with snow mobile) There are no such things. Only to find themselves, having to chop 4 feet off to meet our needs. And now all that's left t do is decorate it with all the many ornaments recived from our very own g-ma, and once the tree is finished, only then will we worry about decorating the rest of the house. What a perfect way to end the semester. With the ultimate Christmas.

Monday, August 17, 2009

First day of school

How did it go? Just like this...
Period 1.) walked into the wronge classroom. (while talking to my teacher)
Period 2.) ran into the staircass wile watching hot guy. (not telling)
Period 3.) sweated all through class. (symphonic chior)
Period 4.) told the teacher i was lushous lanisha.
Period 5.) ...walked in late even though my locker was just outside the door. =)
Period 6.) was ready for the day to come to an end. Cooking... (ugh)

And that is how its done. OH and to top it all off. I stayed after school and tried out for Jazz chior. My teacher liked it and Tee has high hopes for me and so do i. I really hope i make it. I've been wanting this for a long time. It would just make my year. So wish me luck!