Sunday, May 4, 2008

Uneventful Sunday evening

Ello. Well today was boreing. I live in a house full of, well, lets put it this wouldn't be able to try and find an extra bed or couch at 3:00 a.m in the morning after you have been out having a late night in the town, because everybody else has already beaten you to it, so your either stuck with the floor or the basement that was originally built as a bomb shelter and has no windows with dirt walls hiding behind the sheet rock. Or in other words what my family calls it..... the dungeon. Full of  huge 10 legged spiders with titanic clenches that would probably snap one of your legs in half if you got close enough, which in that case you would end up beating the spider over the head with your cell phone because its the only thing that you have in reach or in your pockets, wishing that all those stupid commercials on t.v and the radio telling you that your cell phone can help you with any emergency was true. The one time your cellular device WONT help you when you need it the most. So most people would choose to sleep on the floor. At least, any sane person. I guess I'm more of the talky talky, yakidy yak kinda person. Doesn't shut up, and cant do anything while I'm talking. Many accidents could occur if i was TRYING to multitask while talking. I've already realized that my worst fear is driving. I hate it and i always feel sick whenever i take a hold of the wheel. So looks like mom is going to have to take me everywhere for the rest of my life. Sorry mom....i know she was looking forward to having ME drive her around town. But I'm afraid this is one sacrifice that she probably wont be able to live with, so i will eventually end up driving anyways