Saturday, December 27, 2008

Game night...all night

So last night we had Game night. And we ended up not going to bed until 1:30 in the morning, and had'nt even noticed that we had been playing the SAME game for four hours. Four hours!!!! And then after all of that i could'nt sleep, because i was all full of energy. So i .finished my book and cleaned up a bit and then sat in bed for two hours, and couldnt sleep, so, i got out my little brothers battleship game (its electronic) and played until 8 o clock this morning. By the time i was ready to sleep, mom was already telling me to wake up or i would sleep the day away....little does she know. so after getting out of bed and eating, i did what any sain person would do....put on some good old t.v.

Monday, December 22, 2008

So i think ill buy it myslef...

So its that time of year again...when all of your grandparents buy you Be-dazzlers, and little jewlery makeing kits, even though your pretty sher that your old enough to be driveing, they still think that u like bratt dolls. So i have come to the conclution that lots and lots of ppl spend and waste money on me every year. This could possably be because i dont like telling people what i want, or need. But really now. Anyways, so sence i know that theres more than half the stuff that i wont be recieveing this year, for my lack of acknowleging it....i decided that after christmas i will buy them for myslef, and i know that sounds selfish, but i already bought presents for everyone else, and i picked em good i must say. The only reason that i dont like telling people what i want for christmas, is because if i tell someone that i want a hair straightener, i already know in my mind exactly which one, size, and color that i want. And i realize that its too much to ask for something and expect them to get your order completley right. That just makes u sound greedy and picky, which is not COMPLETLEY the truth...i am greatful....and picky. Its just a waste to me to get somethig for someone and then them get it and its not what they actually wanted. Maybe u asked for a dog, and someone gets u a stuffed toy....of coarse that something my dad would do as a sick joke, but still....that would hurt peoples feelings. Anyways, so i know what i want, and im buying myself some knew clothes and some tank tops from victoria seceret.....yay me! Well i better go. But dont try and tell me that u dont feel that way too, when its the holidays, kuz i think everyone probably does.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A tipical Saturday morning...

Well first off, things kinda start to creep you out when u wake up in someone elses bed and cant remenber whare u are, or how u got there. Not that this happens often, but now i remeber that last night i spent the night at my friends house and we watched "supernaturalists" till one a.m. Now im not noramally one to get freaked out about scary movies and such, i dont usually scream or hide my face in the pillow or try to plug my ears when a scry image comes on the screen, but for some reason, that series scares the crap outta me. And its all fakey fakey even! It doesnt even look real! So now i feel all wussy, and kind of a wimp. But oh well. So When i wake up this morning my face was planted in a plastice bowl with popcorn platered all over my face, and candy wrappers in places that i didnt even know exeisted. Then have to wait around for two hours waiting for my friends so wake up. (im not one to wake a person up when thier sleeping...that just makes a person grouchy, and i do NOT want to even think about trying to wake up these grinches!) And then when they do get up we had bout 5 mins to try and get ready for a basketball game that they forgoet to mention to me the day before. So we jump in their freezing car and went to the church to play some ball. Of coarse i didnt play, and i didnt even watch. I dont ever remeber who won. Kuz i fell asleep again. And after that they brought me home, whare i took a shower, and cleaned my room and neglecting to do my homework. So life is good. How bout yours?

Friday, June 27, 2008

First paycheck!

I got my first paycheck today! Woohooo! Thats ALWAYS a great feeling to know that u HAVE money, now the hard part is GETTING the money to a bank account. Which im going to have to get. =] Haha. So yeah, i have money, and i cant wait to spend it! yay! just thinking bout all the new stuff im gunna be clothes....(thinking intently about the new clothes...*sighs*)  Ans then im saveing at least $200 for x-mas shopping, kuz you can NEVER have enough money for buying all the gifts you need! Also im hopeing to save up to go to New York next year with my symphonic chior class. Im soooooo exited! Im one of the few Freshmen who made it into that clas kuz normally they dont let Freshmen in kuz there so overcrouded. But i got lucky! It felt soooooo good when i found out i made it.  

Thursday, June 26, 2008

peacon pies

well today was kinda fun....i went to work, with a plugged up nose and a really bad headache, but it was all good. Then after work, i went to my sister's house and helped her make some "pecaon pies". Or so she calls em. (there not really peacon) They just look like it.  There were actually made of beans, butter and lots and lots of sugar. There was no WAY that i was gunna eat that! I helped her mash all the beans down, (she helped a little too....somewhat) then we stirred em all down and shoved em in tho oven, they didnt smell too great either. But its ok, they werent for us, they were for the ladies who were goin to enrichment night, and they asked my sister to make a desert out of food storage items so that when the time comes for ppl to use their stoarge they know of some deserts to make. But eeeeeck! they were pure sugar! nasty! Im pretty sher i lost some snot in the middle of stirring....but i cant be too sher, by the time i relized it though, it had already been stirred by the kitchen aid (gotta love em) so fast! anyways, like i said, we werent the ones that were gunna be eating em! hahaha....poor old ladies! ahhhh oh well. Anyways, so then my sister and i looked stuff up in the computer on ebay, and my birthday is in 6 days so i told her that i wanted retro tee shirts and bug chunky bracelets! So there you go, now u know what to get me.....i also wouldnt mind some dangley earings (colorful) or any awsome converse shoes......(i love converse...i always say im gunna have a converse wedding) Yuppers So laci and Valli, be prepared for my wedding kuz ur prolly not gunna like half the stuff ur gunna have to wear Valli.....haha, i cant imagine you likeing punk rocker style. lol. jk jk jk.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Goat Farm

This afternoon was perticularly enteresting, because, not only did i get to go to a GOAT farm....but i got to MILK a goat!!!!  Next to my sisters house there is this goat farm, and they raise them and use there milk to make cheese and to drink.  They wake up every day at 6:00 a.m and 6:00p.m to milk these things....everyday! I dont think i could do that. But i dont mind helping in the afternoon. I got to taste some of the many different cheese's they make with it. There was a cream cheese, a chive cheese (i liked that one the best), and a tomato cheese. ( i was'nt to keen to that one) But it was relly cool. And afterwards, when we were putting the goats back into the pens, i went in to pet some of them, and got to hold a kid. But i think the whole plot of the story is that one of the goats came up from behind me when i was petting another one and bit my sweater and gave a great big tug....THAT was a little more than a bed bug bite. I think he was just jelouse! Maybe she needs a therapist. (that would be you laci!) Anyways. So how many people so you know would free willingly go milk goats? Not too,  i did my good deed for the day. And now my day has been completed. Now its time to go do those dishes!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday Night activities

Well today was a good day, i guess. First, I woke up. And that my friends, is not on the top of my favorite things to do. And then, i slowly removed each of my many different layered covers from my warm, hot body. Then, i  waited for the shock from the cold to wake me up. which it did. I AM in Alaska, with no heat in my bedroom, because my vents don't work, and no ceiling light in my room thanks to the squirrels, who have chewed up my wires, which i have named Tom and Jerry, because I'm pretty shore that they dont like each other, but yet they live together. Hmmmm, makes me wonder. Maybe there brothers, fighting over who gets the biggest piece of molding inculcation. Sometimes if i lie very still at night, i can hear them scratching on my bedroom wall, behind my fake paneling. Where I'm shore there must be a little nest for them. I have actually seen the one, Jerry, as i said before. I was outside on my porch, next to my bedroom window, when i looked up on my roof to see where all the chitty chatting had come from, and there, peeking behind a hole, just under the roofing of my house, were two very scared eyes looking at me. Now at first when i saw it, it didn't look like a squirrel, it looked like an otter, because his eyes were so wide i thought they were going to fall out of his head and spring at me like Slinky's. (i never liked slinkie's....they've always scared me) So that is the story of my two pet squierllies Tom and Jerry.
But as i was saying....ahem....Then after i woke up, i headed straight for the computer. But i couldn't stay on long, kuz then i had to go to work. And what an exhausting day. Working at a day care, 5 hours a day. 5 days a week.
Anyways. Then after work i came home and then went to Tuesday night activities. Something for all of the youth in our church to do every Tuesday. We get together, and do service or make stuff.
Today we cleaned Brother Mickimmie's house, for a service project, and whoopee did we do a good job, they have bout 4 or 5 little kids and there house was trashed. We did the dishes, folded clothes, put away toys, vacuumed floors, wiped down windows and so on. It was alot of fun. I thought that it was SO much cleaner. And it was. A job very well done. dismissed

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Uneventful Sunday evening

Ello. Well today was boreing. I live in a house full of, well, lets put it this wouldn't be able to try and find an extra bed or couch at 3:00 a.m in the morning after you have been out having a late night in the town, because everybody else has already beaten you to it, so your either stuck with the floor or the basement that was originally built as a bomb shelter and has no windows with dirt walls hiding behind the sheet rock. Or in other words what my family calls it..... the dungeon. Full of  huge 10 legged spiders with titanic clenches that would probably snap one of your legs in half if you got close enough, which in that case you would end up beating the spider over the head with your cell phone because its the only thing that you have in reach or in your pockets, wishing that all those stupid commercials on t.v and the radio telling you that your cell phone can help you with any emergency was true. The one time your cellular device WONT help you when you need it the most. So most people would choose to sleep on the floor. At least, any sane person. I guess I'm more of the talky talky, yakidy yak kinda person. Doesn't shut up, and cant do anything while I'm talking. Many accidents could occur if i was TRYING to multitask while talking. I've already realized that my worst fear is driving. I hate it and i always feel sick whenever i take a hold of the wheel. So looks like mom is going to have to take me everywhere for the rest of my life. Sorry mom....i know she was looking forward to having ME drive her around town. But I'm afraid this is one sacrifice that she probably wont be able to live with, so i will eventually end up driving anyways