Saturday, December 27, 2008

Game night...all night

So last night we had Game night. And we ended up not going to bed until 1:30 in the morning, and had'nt even noticed that we had been playing the SAME game for four hours. Four hours!!!! And then after all of that i could'nt sleep, because i was all full of energy. So i .finished my book and cleaned up a bit and then sat in bed for two hours, and couldnt sleep, so, i got out my little brothers battleship game (its electronic) and played until 8 o clock this morning. By the time i was ready to sleep, mom was already telling me to wake up or i would sleep the day away....little does she know. so after getting out of bed and eating, i did what any sain person would do....put on some good old t.v.

Monday, December 22, 2008

So i think ill buy it myslef...

So its that time of year again...when all of your grandparents buy you Be-dazzlers, and little jewlery makeing kits, even though your pretty sher that your old enough to be driveing, they still think that u like bratt dolls. So i have come to the conclution that lots and lots of ppl spend and waste money on me every year. This could possably be because i dont like telling people what i want, or need. But really now. Anyways, so sence i know that theres more than half the stuff that i wont be recieveing this year, for my lack of acknowleging it....i decided that after christmas i will buy them for myslef, and i know that sounds selfish, but i already bought presents for everyone else, and i picked em good i must say. The only reason that i dont like telling people what i want for christmas, is because if i tell someone that i want a hair straightener, i already know in my mind exactly which one, size, and color that i want. And i realize that its too much to ask for something and expect them to get your order completley right. That just makes u sound greedy and picky, which is not COMPLETLEY the truth...i am greatful....and picky. Its just a waste to me to get somethig for someone and then them get it and its not what they actually wanted. Maybe u asked for a dog, and someone gets u a stuffed toy....of coarse that something my dad would do as a sick joke, but still....that would hurt peoples feelings. Anyways, so i know what i want, and im buying myself some knew clothes and some tank tops from victoria seceret.....yay me! Well i better go. But dont try and tell me that u dont feel that way too, when its the holidays, kuz i think everyone probably does.