Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baking with love :)

So today I decided to surprise mom by baking a pie while she was with my sister in town. And of coarse,we didn't have half the ingredients needed. So I had to make due with what I had. To begin with I made my own pie crust! I looked up online "easy pie crust recipes" And found a relatively easy recipe and began my magic! This was so exiting! I just had to blog's to my first apple pie! Hope it finishes nicely. Wish I could send you guys some. loves. p.s. sorry i can't take any pictures right now guys.


Valli said...

Wow. How ambitious! I don't think I attempted an apple pie till after I was married. You rock!

lil Rebel Child♥ said...

ha ha. I just finished. It took me four hours. But i now have two b-e-a-utifil apple cinnamon scented pies in the making. They smell sooo good :)

Laci J said...

Congrats! Mom was very impressed! And the house smelled delicious upon our return of therapy (retail therapy that is)!